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City Center Church:

The Ripple Effect

Being at the center is not just a location. It is a calling. It is an empowering. It is a genesis. Throw a rock into a still pond. The center of that throw will begin a ripple effect that will be felt throughout the pond. In the same way, we are at the center to radiate outward. We are at the center of Redmond to have impact and influence throughout the city and the surrounding area. We like to say it this way, "Jesus at the center working in us, through us and beyond us." That is the Ripple Effect. What is radiating from your life?



Journey Together

We are a community of faith on a journey. The journey is from what we are now to all that we can be as we follow Jesus. All are welcome to join us on this journey whatever your story, your questions, your doubts or struggles. We may be at different places along the way, but we are all heading in the same direction. We gather together to be authentic and to be transformed. You will find our times together  unintimidating, and extremely welcoming. We hope you choose to join us on a Sunday morning.