What is Rooted?

Rooted is a dynamic 10 week, small group experience like none other.  Whether you are a person of faith for many years, brand new, or still kicking the tires, Rooted is for you!
Connect with God, the Church, and your Purpose.

See Debbie's Rooted Story

Watch Ryan and Nicole's Rooted Story

Rooted will begin the first week of April, with a large opening night gathering for everyone in the same location, kicking things off with a bang (and food) on Wednesday April 5th.  The following weeks will have newly formed groups meeting at the church campus simultaneously on Wednesday evenings (limited childcare provided), with many other current home groups going through the Rooted experience at the time and place they normally would.  Already part of a home group?  Ask the leader if your group will be going through Rooted for this Spring session.  If not, you can simply be paired with one of the newly forming groups for the 10 week experience.

We can't wait to hear YOUR Rooted Story!